New vaccine provides hope for diabetics



The ‘Herberprot-P Vaccine. Photo: Supplied.

Diabetic foot ulcers and amputations due to diabetes can be prevented in Solomon Islands in the near future.

This is possible once a vaccine called ‘Herberprot-P’ is introduced in hospitals across the country.

Herberprot-P is a herbal-based vaccine by Cuban health authorities capable of healing wounds caused by high levels of glucose present in a person’s body.

Dr Jose Ignacio Fernandez Montequin is a Professor of the ‘Science Medical University’ in Cuba and he told SIBC News they were looking forward to introducing the vaccine in Solomon Islands soon.

He said a Memorandum of Understanding would be established next month to facilitate the introduction of the vaccine to Solomon Islands.

“And I suppose that next month, very short time, we can do an agreement with the Cuban Medical Service in Cuba, with Cuban Ministry of Health which is the Centre of biotechnology in Cuba because His Excellency Simeon Bouro has a very good relations in Cuba about that,” he said.

“Certainly he will get it, he has our advisors and I think that he’s very intelligent and very smart to try to get it and the people of Solomon Islands will be very happy”.

Dr Montequin added, Cuba had been using the vaccine for about 15 years, treating more than 300- thousand patients in 25 countries.

“That’s the reason that we’re here. We have a technology that we have the experience using that technology about 15 years old, 15 years using that in our institute in our island in 25 countries,”he said.

“We have treated more than 300-hundred thousand patients with this technology too, that is only to put an injection of EEF which is Herberprot-P and we eradicate that to put this kind of injection trying to heal all kinds of ulcers produced in diabetic patients”.

SIBC News is aware Dr Montequin is part of a Cuban scoping mission currently in the country to discuss this latest vaccine development with health authorities and the Government.

By: Rickson Bau. 

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