Solrais distributes 110,000 voter awareness leaflets

Two SolRais workers displaying the leaflets.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) and Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in the Solomon Islands Project (SECSIP) have established an agreement with Rice Wholesaler ‘Solrais’ to collaborate in the distribution of voter awareness leaflets throughout the country.

As of today, 110,000  leaflets informing voters to register and check the provisional voter list for omissions and corrections have commenced distribution throughout the country, using Solrais networks.

So far some of the bags of rice containing the leafets have been sold in retail shops across Honiara city, with the provinces expected to receive the bags of rice later this week.

The Association of People with Disabilities (PWD) had also collaborated in this innovative action of inserting the leaflets into self-adhesive envelopes which will be attached to the 20 Kilogram bags of rice.

Chief electoral officer Moses Saitala said the leaflets would reach the country’s remote areas, to be followed by a second round of information on how to vote later this year.

“This is certainly a massive boost to enable us to reach our far flung islands, who are unable to have access to newspapers,” he said.

“This is our first phase in terms of our preparation for the upcoming national general elections, there will be a phase on actually preparing on going to the poll and conducting yourself on the booth, we are well on our way now in terms of preparing for the general elections.”

A man carrying one of the new bag rice near the Honiara port.


Meanwhile, Solrais General Manager Nicholas Ellis says the company is thrilled and proud to be part of the country’s election awareness.

“Solrais has a proud record of supporting community projects, and we were delighted to be selected as a partner by the electoral commission and UNDP to help execute this fantastic initiative ,” he said.

“It is my personal believe as manager of Solrais, that it is the moral duty of leaders of significant businesses in developing countries to leave a legacy  to see that country in a better position than when they arrive , it is our duty to impact positively and sustainably on the lives of our fellow Solomon Islanders.”

By: Lowen Sei.



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