Ngella Islands plans to ban logging


Small Ngella, Vunuha Village. 

The Central Provincial Government is threatening to ban all logging operations on Ngella Islands.

A statement by the Ngella Forum said the Central Islands Premier, Patrick Vasuni and his government initiated the move after receiving reports of negative impacts of the industry in rural communities and resources.

The statement said the Central Provincial Government was planning to engage the Ministry of Environment to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment on Ngella Islands.

The survey will report on the impact of logging activities on Gela.

It said the Provincial Executive would at its next executive meeting impose a ban on logging operation on Ngella Constituency if the survey confirmed over harvesting and destructions of the environment.

The statement adds, the report will form part of the Assembly Business during its May sitting.

A copy of the petition by Ngella Forum. Photo: Supplied.


SIBC understands, members of the Ngella Forum  will sign a petition, which will be submitted to the Central Islands provincial government, as part of an application to the Ministry of Forestry and Research to ban Logging activities around Ngella Islands.

By: Charlie Salini. 


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