Nicole Mateariki: Bridging 17th Pacific Games and the Cook Islands Community

Nicole Mateariki: Bridging 17th Pacific Games and the Cook Islands Community


By Lynton A. Filia

Nicole Mateariki, an 18-year-old Sports Journalist from the Cook Islands, has embarked on a remarkable journey representing ABCID at the 17th Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Her role extended beyond reporting; she was the bridge connecting the event to her community back home.

“It’s been an amazing journey. This being my first time, it’s been a wonderful experience for me and our media crew,” Nicole said.

Nicole’s dedication to capturing the essence of the Games has been evident in her stories, updates, and live broadcasts. She was also excited to have witnessed her brothers’ performances in the Cook Islands Touch Rugby team, adding a personal touch to her reporting.

“I’m incredibly grateful to ABCID and SIBC for this opportunity. Reporting back to our community has been fulfilling, despite the challenge of coping with the intense heat here,” she said.

Despite the climatic challenges, Nicole remained focused on her journalistic duties, praising the hospitality of Honiara and the excellent treatment they received at the dining hall. “The host city has been wonderful. The support, the food—it’s been fantastic,” she shared.

As the Games reach their conclusion, Nicole reflected on the friendship and support among the Pacific Islands, particularly acknowledging the graciousness of the Solomon Islands as hosts.

“We’ve been here for the Games, captivated in our work at the sports venues. But I hope to return someday, not for work, but to explore the beauty of Honiara,” Nicole said, hinting at a potential future visit for leisure.

The safety and success of the event were paramount for Nicole. “It’s been an amazing and safe experience for everyone involved,” she emphasized.

Expressing her hope for the future, Nicole eagerly anticipated the next Pacific Games in Tahiti in 2027, wishing to witness the same warmth and support from the host nation as she experienced in Honiara. –ENDS//

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