Church crucifix. Photo credit:

Church crucifix. Photo credit:

An inter-denomination group, the Solomon Islands National House of prayer, will be holding a night and day prayer gatherings starting tomorrow evening.

An elder of the group, Joseph Ori says that the group will be holding its first prayer vigil tomorrow night and during Election Day, November 19.

He says the aim of the prayer vigils is to allow like-minded Christians to pray for their nation before and during Election Day to form a godly and a corrupt-free government after the elections.

Mr Ori says the prayer vigils will be held at the Ebenezer House in Vura two.

He says the prayer vigil on Election Day will not bar people wanting to cast their votes as they can do so after or before casting their ballot papers.

The Solomon Islands National House of Prayer group was launched in July last year and has been holding lunch hour prayers at the SSEC Central Church in Honiara.

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