People gathering at Nila Parish. Photo credit: SIBC.

People gathering at Nila Parish. Photo credit: SIBC.

Hundreds of Christians from around Shortland Islands have successfully wrap up their Easter celebration at Nila Parish today.

SIBC’s Gina Maka reports, Father Peter Lalaegalo of Nila Parish during his sermon urged Christians to pursue Christ’s moral values and forsake their wicked ways.

“Easter celebrations here in the Shortland islands has attracted hundreds of Catholics around the area, who attended to celebrate Easter at the Nila Catholic Parish. Parish Priest Father Peter told the attendants this Easter is a time for people to change from their old ways.”

SIBC News understands, Shortland Islanders have congregated at Nila Parish for their Easter gathering since Thursday last week.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Women’s Group from Shortland Islands announces its intension to build a cultural centre.

Ms. Maka’a explains, the initiative aims to protect and promote indigenous traditional culture in a culturally diverse world.

“The Catholic women here in the Shortland islands are planning to set up a cultural centre. In an interview with the women’s President, Dorothy Kotaru said the idea of setting up such a centre is to educate the young generation about their culture. She said today some cultural beliefs are dying out.”

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