Numbu marks ‘National Tooth Brushing day’


Numbu kids brushing their teeth.

Guadalcanal province has marked the 2018 National Tooth Brushing Day at Numbu community in North-East Guadalcanal.

The program was held in collaboration with Colgate Pacific, where over a thousand free toothpaste and toothbrushes were handed out to children and other community members who took part in the event.

As part of the event, children and adults were taught how to wash their teeth properly, and how to promote oral care in their community.

Guadalcanal province is the first province in the country to mark the national tooth brushing day, highlighting the importance of having healthy teeth in communities.

Speaking during the event today, Guadalcanal Province Chief Dental Officer. Dr. Angela Tahani says for communities to improve oral health, it must start inside the family.

“We must teach our young kids how to brush their teeth when they still young,” she said.

” Whenever we want things last in a life time we have to start early, so mothers I encourage you to start teaching your kids right now.”

Numbu community high school principal, Mr James Sikua also thanked the Guadalcanal provincial health division for choosing his community to hold the event.

He said what the children had learnt today was important, and that they would continue to practice what they had learnt.

By: Lowen Sei. 




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