One dead, two hospitalised from Fish poisoning

A Balloon fish similar to the ones that poisoned the loggers.

A man is dead and two others have been hospitalised after eating poisonous fish at the Luti Logging Camp in South Choiseul.

It is believed they ate a fish locally known as ‘Balloon fish’ from the company mess on Wednesday last week.

After eating all three complained of head ache and body numbness.

Police said the men were Asian workers of the Chia Tai Enterprises Limited operating in the area.

The three men were then transported by boat to Sasamunga Hospital but one of them died on the way.

The other two men were transferred to Honiara for medical attention, while the body of the deceased was later taken to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

SIBC understands the body of the deceased was flown back to Malaysia earlier today.

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