Leader of the Official Opposition Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

Leader of the Official Opposition Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has disclosed information that three Government Ministers have owed the Heritage Park Hotel more than $900,000 to be possibly met by taxpayers.

The three ministers are Minister for Agriculture & Livestock, Minister for Mines & Energy and Minister for Tourism.

Documents obtained by the Opposition Group revealed that the three ministers have resided in the hotel from January to May this year.

Documents show these bills totaled  more than $900,000. The bills are for accommodation and food.

According to documents including correspondences between the hotel, the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Parliament and the ministers, have refused to pay the bill and have forwarded them to thePrime Minister’s Office.

However, PMO has refused and forwarded it to the National Parliament.

According to the correspondence obtained by the Opposition Office; the National Parliament has also refused to pay the bills and had made it clear that ‘MPs are not qualified to reside in any hotels once they become ministers and, therefore, any payment made by PMO or National Parliament will be illegal.’

Following the disclosure by the Opposition Office today, the Leader of Opposition Jeremiah Manele has described this as ‘yet another misuse of public funds and a waste of public resources.’

Mr. Manele explained, all ministers are entitled to a housing allowance, thus such bills should not be paid by the Government but from their own pockets.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition said such action can be best described as ‘no-care’ attitude and misuse of public funds.

Mr Manele adds it is becoming a common trend that the DCC Government is more focused on splashing the cash for political convenience rather than focusing on providing services to the people.

He reiterates earlier call on the Prime Minister to be responsible and responsive to issues raised by the Opposition Group.

Mr Manele strongly states the Prime Minister and his Cabinet owe taxpayers a thorough explanation.

SIBC News is yet to receive a response on this news article either from the Prime Minister or his cabinet Ministers.

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