Ships birthing at Point Cruz. Photo credit: SPC.

Ships birthing at Point Cruz. Photo credit: SPC.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group is shocked by revelations by Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) that the Government has allocated $14.8 million to eight recipients of the shipping grants who are ‘ghost companies’.

The eight ghost companies are part of the 25 recipients that the Government approved for funding under the shipping grant.

In a statement, the Opposition Group says out of the 25 recipients, seven are MPs mostly Government Ministers, eight are ghost companies, with the remaining 10 companies although registered, some have questionable company details.

The eight ghost companies as reported by TSI are: Logistics & Multi Investments – $3.5 million, Amwata Shipping & Boat Building – $2.5 million, Triple JMR Enterprises – $1 million, ST Shipping – $1.5 million, Island Link Shipping – $1.5 million, Ebtide Shipping – $1.5 million, Ressy Boat Shipping – $1.8 million and PS Shipping Transport Services – $1.5 million.

The Opposition Group says the Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) must tell the truth and reveal true identities of these recipients.

It says it is disgusting and shocking that the Government has given away $14.8 million to ghost shipping companies who have no record of existence or whatsoever according to the Company Haus.

The Parliamentary Opposition also questioned what criteria’s have been used to select and determine successful applicants and how these companies were selected and on what grounds.

It urges the Government through the MID to speak up and tell the truth as this is highly questionable and raises a lot of questions of serious corruption within the ministry and the Government as a whole.

The Opposition Group calls on the Leadership Code Commission to investigate these serious allegations of corruption within the MID.

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