Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Our Telekom mobile customers in Russell islands are calling on the country’s first telecommunication company to be efficient in its Red Hot promotion.

The disgruntled customers made the call after discovering inconveniences in using the Our Telekom Red Hot promotions.

A man who preferred to be known only as a Telekom customer from Russell Islands told SIBC News, there are inconsistencies with the Red Hot current promotion.

He explains customers lose their credit trying to use the congested network service.

“Another promotion called Red Hot was introduced by Our Telekom and using it we discovered that we only lose money, especially when there is poor network coverage and our calls cannot go through so that’s why we are concerned and the responsible authority should rectify their system so that we have value for money.”

Meanwhile, Our Telekom has acknowledged, this can happen especially when there is interference in the communication network.

The company’s Public Relations office told SIBC News, its engineering team is working to rectify the problem, adding customers can report directly to them regarding the service they provide.

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