Head of USP's Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

Head of USP’s Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

Our Telekom Company has donated 1-hundred thousand dollars today to the Solomon Islands High School Choral Festival.

The event which aims to inspire high school students through musical talent and skills was presented by the Pacifica Association with the Solomon Voices.

Our Telekom Chief Executive Officer Loyley Ngira says, the donation is to support youths in Solomon Islands as they share their talents and skills with their peers.

Meanwhile, Head of Pacifica Voices Igelese Ete acknowledged Our Telekom for the recognition to support the future of young people in the country.

“On behalf of all the organisers, the young amazing powerful young people here we want to say thank you, thank you for loving them, believing in their future and you know the slogan for this whole event is “Powerful Beyond Measure” and throughout this theater phase we’ll see lives that we serve, lives that we inspire, lives who could lead us, lives that will be an inspiration to others that will really uplift the whole Pacific as well as the world at large.”

The Solomon Islands High School Choral Festival will start on 8th July at the National Auditorium in Honiara.

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