Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

The FSII Management has appreciated all involved parties in securing and shipping a 40 feet container of 48 beds and mattresses over to the country.

The involved parties include New Zealand’s “Take My Hand” charitable foundation, former Police Commissioner, Frank Short, the Solomon Islands Forests Association (SFA) and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

“Take My Hands” donated the gifts to the National Referral Hospital.

In a statement today, FSII says this a heartfelt effort that will go a long way in alleviating the bad state of the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

FSII says it is always ready to collaborate with groups like “Take My Hand” to improve the good work of our hard working Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at the NRH.

Meanwhile, FSII last Friday acknowledged James and Marijose Callender from England for their kind donation of ECG cardiac monitor, ECG electrode pads, nebulizer machine and tubes, mask and filter, two pulse pressure cuff, Fetal dopper monitor and other equipment.

These are donated to the A&E department of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) following a recent online appeal by the FSII”s “Voice for Action”.

An FSII statement reports FSII Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Afuga thanked the Callenders for their response to the appeal.

Meanwhile, Marijose Callender appreciates FSII for initiating the worthwhile appeal as the online forum is where those like them living abroad are constantly informed of what is happening in our country.

Mr. James and Marijose are Solomon Islanders and active contributors of FSII who now live and work in England.

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