The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Media officer and Coordinator for the Solomon Islands Football Federation’s National League, Joseph Boso says the Telekom S- League season which started last weekend adheres to the original format proposed for the competition.

Mr Boso explains the league format as follows.

“It goes back to the original format proposed for the competition which includes two rounds league, which will then proceed onto the championship, which is the original competition format since 2011. In 2013 season we’ve contracted the competition to have only two rounds league due to timing issues with identifying Solomon Islands’ representative at the Oceania Football Confederations Champions League. However, for this season we have enough time to run the full competition without affecting the international obligations.”

He says this season the league will consist of 72 matches totaling 18 rounds of the league, and competition will run for 21 weeks.

“We are running a league that consists of 72 matches with each club playing home and away games and that should be a total of 18 rounds of league, followed by championships, which consists of a home and away series between the top eight clubs in the competition and that will take three weeks to complete, so in total the competition will be running for 21 weeks. However, it will run till November and then Christmas break to be followed. It will resume again in February and concludes in March next year.”

Mr Boso adds nine clubs are currently playing in the Telekom -S-League.

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