Overseas Trips Over Public Health? Wale

Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has criticized the Government’s decision to fund a trip to Israel describing it as “unwise”.

Hon Wale said this is yet another clear example of DCGA’s reckless action.

He said the decision to fund a $1-million trip to Israel indicates the Government’s misplaced priorities. 

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale

“When our citizens struggle to access basic medicines like Panadol daily, it’s perplexing to see such a glaring misallocation of resources,” Hon Wale said.

He also questioned the rationale behind the spending, especially given the current state of the nation’s healthcare. 

“With our healthcare system facing severe medicine shortages, how can the Government justify allocating $1-million to an overseas trip?” he asked. 

The Leader of Opposition acknowledged that overseas trips might have valid reasons. 

However, he emphasized that public funds should cater to prioritize public needs. 

“While international relations for the State and its peoples are essential for national progress, we must scrutinize the timing and nature of such travels. This is especially true when our core services are in dire straits,” Hon Wale said.

The Opposition Leader argued that the amount spent on the trip could be better utilized elsewhere. 

“It doesn’t require much imagination to think of other areas where a million of dollars would make a significant impact,” Hon. Wale said.

He added the DCGA Government has once again failed to spend where it is mostly needed – towards the wellbeing of all its citizens. 

“The continuous string of the Government’s misaligned actions should serve as a stark reminder to Solomon Islanders of how much thought this Government puts into the welfare of Solomon Islanders,” the Opposition Leader said.


Opposition statement

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