From left to right: Hon Derrick Manuari, Hon Matthew Wale, and Fr. John Patterson .

Solomon Islands must stand in solidarity with West Papua, and not to sell the Sovereign nation for 30 pieces of silver.

Leader of the Parliamentary opposition, Hon Matthew Wale recalled the biblical line, during a West Papuan solidarity group meeting in Honiara mid-week.

Mr. Wale said, Indonesia’s offers to build a futsal stadium here, is a bribery to shut-off the government from raising the West Papuan issue now gaining momentum worldwide.

He added, the Melanesian Spearhead group is becoming ineffective and should be dismantled.

In the recent weeks, human rights abuses in West Papua escalates to a point where the Indonesian government enforces internet blackout in the Province of West Papua.

The situation has this week forced the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Hon. James Marape to rally support for West Papua.

MSG welcomes Indonesia’s invitation to the United Nations Human Rights Commision to assess the situation in West Papua.

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