PAP President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: Secretariat of the Commonwealth.

PAP President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: Secretariat of the Commonwealth.

Shadrach Fanega has reportedly been sacked as Permanent Secretary for Finance and Treasury.

The Sunday Star reports today, Mr Fanega was allegedly sacked because there was a delay in paying out $50 million dollars to outgoing Members of Parliament.

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance Party says Shadrach Fanega’s sacking from the Ministry of Finance as Permanent Secretary is “illegal and unethical”.

Party President Sir Nathaniel Waena made the statement in reaction to newspaper reports about Mr Fanega’s sacking.

He told SIBC News yesterday, there are two point’s to Mr Fanega’s sacking – that he was sacked in absence from the country, and that the sacking may be related to a $2 million payout Government MP’s are waiting for.

“That person ought to have been personally informed about the intention of the employer to terminate his job. Now wether they did that or not, we the People’s Alliance Party questioned it because it’s an illegal procedure on one’s employment, especially somebody who has served the country for so many years.” The second thing we see is that his removal from office was over the $20 million payment of the terminal grant to the Members of Parliament of the recent Ninth Parliament.”

Sir Nathaniel adds the issue is related to a decision by the Parliamentary Entitlement Commission to pay only $100,000.00 for outgoing Members of Parliament and not $20 million.

He said Commission’s are above political whims of Members of Parliament.

“The Commission has decided that MPs will only receive $100,000.00 terminal grants after 8th September. Now government took that decision to cabinet for its deliberations, which eventually rubbishes the Commission’s decision, which said they were entitled to $100,000.00 after their terms in Parliament.”

SIBC News understands Mr Shadrach Fanega is currently overseas on an official trip and is expected to make a response to the reports that he has been sacked.

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