President of the People First Party Dr Jimmy Rogers. Photo credit: SIBC.

President of the People First Party Dr Jimmy Rogers. Photo credit: SIBC.

The People First Party has launched its first National Campaign today at the National Museum Auditorium.

The party’s motto is ‘Leave No One Behind’ and the party’s vision and strategies for Solomon Islands stretches out to 2050.

Speaking at the launch this afternoon, party leader Dr Jimmie Rodgers says, the People First Party wants to empower people of Solomon Islands through putting the people first and empowering the constituencies.

“Within that long term vision 2050 there will be four years or five year plans. Why is it important to have a vision 2015 because it sets the stage for the country that you want to have, the kind of people, the kind of education, the kind of health, the kind of private sector, the kind of churches that supports our government. That’s the country that we want to aim for.”

Meanwhile on tourism, Dr Rodgers says the industry is the answer to Solomon Islands’ economy when the logging industry ends.

“Successive governments have not invested in tourism, we only want money to come. We expect our small operators, eco-tourist people to suffer and struggle, submitting their proposals to MPs who refused to sign them. As a government they have not got a plan to invest massively. For tourism to grow in this country and it can replace logging, but for it to grow we need to spend, we need to invest in tourism like we’ve never invested before.”

SIBC News understands, another Political Party, the United Democratic Party also launched its national election campaign in a separate event in Honiara today.

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