Leader of the Independent Hon. Dr Derek Sikua. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Leader of Independent Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Leader of Independent Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua is supporting the Parliamentary Opposition’s call to “Kick Out” Nazar Group of companies.

Dr. Sikua says, the company has been accused of purchasing stolen gold from Gold Ridge and engaging in money laundering, and cross-border cash transaction.

The statement says this was revealed by an intelligent currently working with Interpol to investigate this serious matter.

It says the Nazar group has also promised the DCCG through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish various national projects in Solomon Islands.

The Independent Leader’s statement claims the so-called company has been using a hotel room in Honiara to operate an illegal gold dealing business.

It says, activities in cleaning and cooking the gold with nitric acid is dangerous and illegal in Solomon Islands.

The statement says police carried out a raid on a certain hotel room seizing approximately eight kilograms of gold and equipment as evidence.

It says senior police officers were allegedly paid to retrieve the stolen gold and equipment back to Nazar Group.

Meanwhile, the Independent Leader says, the Prime Minister’s continuous defiant stance to protect and safeguard the company proves the Prime Minister was ill-informed- ignorant of this scam company.

He says the PM must give a second thought following all the revelation of the dubious dealings done by this scandalous investor.

He adds the implementation of the projects – signed by the PMO – requires specific contractual performance on both parties which should be outlined in a series of Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) contract for the project yet to be formalized.

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