The High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Ruling on the legal suit challenging the 2015 Parliamentary Entitlements Commission Amendment Regulation is still pending at the High Court.

High Court Registrar Myonnie Samani confirms to SIBC News.

The suit is challenging the award of tax-free payments to Parliament members and the introduction of life pension for one term MPs.

The amended regulations were awarded in April last year.

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer heard the case in November last year, and has reserved his ruling since.

Leader of the Opposition last week, called for the High Court to deliver the Judgement saying it has taken too long and needs to be released.

The Opposition Group says all Parliamentary Entitlement Regulations (PER) comes into effect on April 1st annually, and for the PEC to be properly guided in reviewing the PER, it needs the court’s decision.

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