PM acknowledges God’s guiding hands

PM acknowledges God’s guiding hands


As the 11th Parliament successfully completed its official term with flying colors, the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, DCGA, wasted no time in giving back all glory, honour and praise to where it is due- God Almighty.  The government took the time to acknowledge God for taking the lead in the affairs of the country during its term. 

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare acknowledge……. “we have a God who took direct interest in the affairs of our nation,  in direct response to the prayers of all faithful Christians and members of other religious organizations in the country, and of course our commitment as Government to allow Him to take the lead in the affairs of our nation”. 

Reflecting on the difficult times the country plunged into in the last couple of years, the Prime Minister testified that God has been our one and only cornerstone.   

“I don’t know where we would end up as a country without the guiding hands of God. He is at the centre of it all”. 

Prime Minister Sogavare acknowledges Christians and members of other religious organisations in the country who faithfully pray for the affairs of our nation.   

He further recognised and thanked a small group of faithful public officers at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet who made it their commitment every morning to meet in the Cabinet Conference room to join other prayer groups in our Churches throughout the country to earnestly seek the wisdom, guidance and direction of God. 

The Prime Minister also appreciated Pastors and Ministers of the Solomon Islands Christian Association and Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association who took turns every Mondays and Thursdays  to grace  the OPMC morning devotion and at times share God’s instructions and admonitions directly to the Leadership of the Government. 

PM Sogavare personally finds it very rewarding. 


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat    

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