PM candidate Fugui outlines policy priorities

Member of Parliament for Central Honiara John Moffat Fugui. Photo: Solomon Times Online.

There are differing assessments of the nation’s leaders and suggestions on how they could improve.

Candidate for Prime Minister John Moffat Fugui’s take is that the value leaders place on their duty to the nation is more important than setting political and fiscal stability as priorities.

Good governance and a stable economy result from leaders valuing their role, Mr Fugui said.

In an interview with SIBC, the Member of Parliament for Central Honiara outlined policies he would pursue if elected Prime Minister on Wednesday.

In terms of supporting rural people, Mr Fugui said he would increase funding for rural production of cocoa, copra, coffee and other crops. He said he also would support fisheries projects and establish government control of beche-de-mer export licenses.

“If I were the Prime Minister, the government, for example, would control the license and make sure the license holders are Solomon Islanders plus are the business people who have the financial wherewithal,” he said.

Beefing up the country’s foreign reserves is also among the goals Mr Fugui said he would set as Prime Minister.

The other candidate for the Prime Minister position is Member of Parliament for Small Malaita Rick Houenipwela.

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