PM receives letter from Minister Chiu. Photo credit; Robert Iroga.

PM receives letter from Minister Chiu. Photo credit; Robert Iroga.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has received 5-million dollars from Taiwan yesterday.

The funds are for Kilu’ufi Hospital in Malaita and Helena Goldie Hospital in Western Province.

At Kilu’ufi, the money will be used to upgrade the Outpatient, whilst at Helena Goldie it will go towards general repairs at the hospital.

Prime Minister Lilo received confirmation of the 5-million dollars yesterday from the visiting Taiwanese Minister of Health and Welfare Wen-Ta Chiu at the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Kilu’ufi Hospital will receive 3-million dollars while the Helena Goldie Hospital will receive 2-million dollars.

Meanwhile, in commending the Taiwanese Government, Prime Minister Lilo said the funds will help the two hospitals refurbish key infrastructures that are in need of repair.

Prime Minister Lilo had spent last Christmas with the patients at Kilu’ufi Hospital during which he promised to assist the hospital with 3 million dollars to improve the Outpatient area.

Similarly, he visited Helena Goldie Hospital in 2013 at which he also made a pledge to assist them repair the hospital.

Early this year the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet had submitted proposals to the ROC Embassy for funding assistance towards the hospitals.

The Government will liaise with the ROC Embassy on how the funds will be delivered to the hospitals.

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