PM says 197, 643 Covid-19 doses administered as of last Friday


A total of 197,643 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered since last week Friday 15th October.

Vaccine roll out in Temotu province. Photo: MHMS

Speaking during his nationwide address this week, the Prime Minister said this represents 23.9% of the total doses required to cover the total target population of 414,327 people in the country which is 828,654 doses.

Prime Minister Sogavare said 44,613 people have completed both doses of COVID-19 vaccines, representing 10.8 % of the total eligible population.

He said an additional 108,417 people have taken their first doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

“This means that 153,030 or 40% of our total eligible population has taken at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccines,” he said.

The Prime Minister thanked and congratulated all the 153, 029 people that have joined him in taking their COVID-19 vaccines for their dedication to protect our people and our nation.

“Many of the vaccinated people are from our provinces. 

“I thank the respective Premiers of our provinces and your governments for your leadership in driving the vaccination efforts in our provinces,” he said.

As of last Friday, the first dose administration in our provinces are as follows:

  • Renbel province 84.3%,


  • Isabel province 61.3%


  • Central Islands Province 56.4%,


  • Western province 36%


  • Malaita 24.5 %,


  • Choiseul province 26%


  • Guadalcanal province/ Honiara 21%


  • Makira 12.1 %,


  • Temotu 19.1 %

However, the Prime Minister said our national average for first dose administration is only 27 %.

“It is important to note that the three provinces with the highest coverage of first dose vaccinations only started their vaccination campaigns in the past 2 months,” he said.

He said at this rate these three provinces will reach their 90% full vaccination target earlier and they will be ready to welcome visitors and investment from overseas.

“I once again ask all eligible citizens in our country that have not yet been vaccinated, to please go for your vaccination without further delays,” he said.


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