Pan Oceanic Bank logo. Photo credit: POBSI.

Pan Oceanic Bank logo. Photo credit: POBSI.

The Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Pan Oceanic Bank, Nihal Kekulawala say POB’s focus in 2016 is its expansion strategy.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC News, Mr Kekulawala says initially the bank will introduce, digital banking product range, which is the Internet banking and mobile banking in a few days time.

“Initially what we will introduce to the market that is in a few days time is our digital banking product range which is the Internet banking and the mobile banking app, so with that our reach will be more, we will reach out to the provinces through the mobile and Internet banking.”

Mr Kekulawala also outlined other priorities for 2016.

“And thereafter we will come up with the Agency Banking model that will again reach out to the provinces. That should happen during the secong quarter of this year and maybe it was the third or the fourth quarter we will have an ATM network. Maybe towards the second quarter of this year what we will have is a student savings unit in schools.”

POB establishes its banking services in Solomon Islands in July 2014 and so far has more than 12,000 customers.

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