BSP Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming. Photo credit: SIBC.

BSP Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Bank South Pacific has assured Westpac Bank staff in the Solomon Islands that their working terms and conditions will not be affected by the recent announcement that BSP has purchased Westpac operations in five Pacific Island countries including Solomon Islands.

BSP Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming who is currently on a BSP familiarization tour to the Solomon Islands told local reporters today the purchase will not affect the working terms and condition of Westpac staff in the country.

He says like Westpac staff in the other four Pacific Island countries, the key message is their employment is being maintained.

“For that staff particularly the ones in Solomon Islands but everywhere, the message and the key message is that their employment is being maintained, we give them confidence that their jobs are being preserved. No change in the terms and conditions for those staff and if anything we’re going to be looking to be able to provide additional support and capability to the staff, so conditions of employment preserved, no reduction in staff numbers, the same applies for points of representation as you should all realise not just here and Westpac’s got a branch down the down. We’re going to continue to operate all the points or representation we have.”

SIBC News understands the takeover, which includes Westpac operations in Samoa, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga will cost Bank South Pacific $783 million.

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