The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has formally apologised to the people of Weathercoast, South Guadalcanal for the Police Joint Operation carried out in their community in 2002.

The apology was delivered by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Walter Kolar during a Traditional solovisu ceremony at Ngalito village yesterday.

Walter Kola in his apology said the operation was not intended to affect the people but to arrest the fugitive Harold Keke.

Meanwhile the Permanent Secretary for National Unity,Reconciliation and Peace Lennis Rukale says the government will organise trauma counselling for the communities in the Weathercoast.

He adds the government has not forgotten its people on the Weathercoast and will continue its reconciliation and peace program in the area.

The people acknowledge the government and especially RSIPF for the ceremony.

The Solovisu ceremony will continue into the Wanderer bay ward.

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