Former politician Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

A former Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner, Kamilo Teke has called on the Democratic Coalition for Change Government to revisit the recommendations made by a task force set up in 2005-2006.

Mr Teke says these recommendations are pivotal to achieving lasting national peace.

Made up of officials from the Solomon Islands Government and the Guadalcanal Provincial Government then, the task force was mandated to look into the causes of the recent ethnic tensions.

Mr. Teke told Unified Voice, he insists, the Government revisit the recommendations because it has some valid advice to ensure lasting reconciliation and peace.

“I ask the current Government to revisit or review the recommendations made by the SIG and GPG task force of 2005 September to March 2006 so that it can initiate a proper reconciliation before we can have proper peace in the country. This is my concern. Now one of the recommendations was for the Solomon Islands Government to humble itself and reconcile with the people of Guadalcanal and the Province, which is very important.”

He says proper reconciliation must be done to ensure a nationwide healing before any major developments can happen in the country.

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