Police destroy surrendered guns

A police officer stands in front of the destroyed weapons.

Police today destroyed the last remaining firearms surrendered during the government imposed gun amnesty period on May this year.

A total of 18 guns and and over 2800 rounds of ammunition were destroyed today at the Rove Police headquarters.

Speaking during the destruction ceremony, Police commissioner Mathew Varley said the destruction of the firearms showed the commitment the police and the government have making Solomon Islands a safer place.

Officers cutting the firearms while Police commissioner and the Police Minister watches on.

Mr Varley thanked the number of individuals who surrendered their illegal weapons, and were all thoroughly inspected by Police.

He also added, 26 firearms that were seized by the participating police over the past fourteen years will also be destroyed today.

“This is an important sign to the country, that never again the community will be at fear of gun violence,” he said.

“There is a strong message from the police that if you have a gun, please hand it over, there is no need for guns, enough is enough.”

Some of the surrendered weapons.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Police, Hon Moses Garu reiterated the same sentiment, stating the firearm destruction was a positive step for the peace building process of the country.

He said the gun amnesty exercise was important as it provided an opportunity for Solomon Islanders with illegal firearms to hand over their guns, to make the country a safer place.

“The exercise (Gun amnesty) is important, as it truly assisted police with information which can be gauged for future security assessments and operations,” he said.

“I wish to thanked the police, and donor partners in you contributions and assistance in this worthwhile initiative.”

Officers preparing the weapons for destruction.


SIBC understands, three guns were found to be legitimate world war two relics,and were not functional, which the police will hand over to the National Museum today.

By: Lowen Sei.


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