A Blackberry smart phone. Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

A Blackberry smartphone. Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

The Chief Justice has called for more training in mobile phone technologies for police investigators.

In the court on Thursday last week, Sir Albert Palmer was critical of how police investigators failed to trace call logs of mobile phones that were connected to the 2012 murder of a young woman.

She was killed by her boyfriend in Tuvaruhu in Honiara.

The boyfriend, Brian Alagere, has since been convicted of the girl’s murder and has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

During the trial, the High Court had heard Alagere had used his mobile phone to call his girlfriend to meet him before killing her.

The court also heard how Alagere used his girlfriend’s mobile phone to send text messages and calls to her parents after he had killed her.

In his ruling last Thursday, Sir Albert noted mobile phone numbers that are registered as unknown are taken for granted as unknown.

The Chief Justice said there is no such thing as an unknown number and with proper investigation the unknown number would have been uncovered.

He said the unknown phone number was not pursued because of a lack of training and awareness as to what is available and accessible from telephone companies.

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