Police seek community support to locate murder suspects


Police Commisioner Matthew Varley

Officers are continuing their investigation into the case of a girl who was murdered last week on her way back from school at Avuavu in the Weathercoast area of South Guadalcanal.

The primary suspect has been arrested, and police are trying to identify and locate two other suspects in the murder.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said officers are seeking assistance from communities around Avuavu in the investigation, which he said is complex and might take a significant amount of time to complete.

“We understand that there were three people involved at the scene, but what we are working on establishing is what was their involvement as well,” he said.

Mr Varley said information from members of the community is important in establishing those details.

He also appealed to community members to refrain from taking the law into their own hands and to let the investigation run its course.

By Lowen Sei 

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