Simbo, the Solomons’ first organic island – and it is all because of this woman

Esther Talisuti with the certificate in her hand

It is a journey she couldn’t have made without the support of her husband and a lot of faith in God.

A journey that six years later, has come into reality. Esther Talisuti is the director of Gizo Women in Business and the founder of Madegugusu Women Association in Simbo.

Through her initiative, the association was able to achieve official recognition for Simbo as an organic island by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

SIBC was at the handing over ceremony at Lengana village on Wednesday.

Workers at the association shared their joy and congratulated Mrs Talisuti and the association through a short video.

One woman said: “I’ve never seen such unselfish commitment and passion to a cause as I saw from Esther and her husband Steve Suti.”

Esther Talisuti with the women of Simbo

Mrs Talisuti broke down in tears as the messages came through. When it was her turn to speak, she had to call on her husband for help.

“I cannot speak, I am too overwhelmed,” she said holding back tears.

“My husband will read my speech for me. That is how we do things together.”

Mrs Talisuti started the association in 2012 when she approachedSamoa Women in Business Development.

“I believe God paved the way for me. I met with the Director of Samoa Women in Business and a partnership was born in September 2012.

“That afternoon was the most memorable day of my life.

“That meeting brought abundant blessings to our shores, it brought assistance from Samoa and the Pacific Leadership Program for our organic initiative.”

Mrs Talisuti selflessly nurtured the Madegugusu Women Association with her husband’s support.

“I considered the association as my baby I gave it its name and spent my family’s money to have it registered and it will be there for many more years to come.”

“To the hardworking mothers of Madegugusu, your enthusiasm to bring change to our beautiful island of Simbo has been remarkable.

“That effort has been recognized and has made history for your families, the island of Simbo, the Western Province and the country as a whole.

“To God be the glory.”

By Kikiva Tuni

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