Where the new bailey bridge will be situated. Photo credit: SIBC.

Where the new bailey bridge will be situated. Photo credit: SIBC.

The New Zealand Portable bridge is expected to arrive in Honiara on the 17th of May.

Sarah Wong Development Counselor of the New Zealand High Commission Office, announces this to the local media at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development media conference in Honiara today.

She says the new portable bridge will replace the old washed out Matanikau bridge.

Ms Wong says the bridge has left New Zealand over the weekend, on its way to Honiara.

“We’ve worked out the basic components that are required for the bailey bridge and they were put on a shipping container over the weekend. That ship is now making its way up to Solomon Islands and should arrive here in Solomon Islands on the 17th of May.”

She says the new Matanikau bridge once installed will be able to take 40 tonnes of traffic load.

“So we’re looking at replacing the old Matanikau bailey bridge that was washed out with a new Matanikau bailey bridge according to the same specifications as the one that was washed out, although this one will actually take an additional level of weight, so the previous one I think took about 30 tonnes worth of vehicle traffic. The new one that’s going in is going to be able to take 40 tones of traffic.”

New Zealand Government has stepped in to assist replace the old washed out Matanikau bridge following Prime Minister’s request for the New Zealand Government to replace the old Matanikau bridge.

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