Premier Suidani Acknowledges MTCPEA Effort for Maintaining Peace and Unity

The Malaita Province Premier Daniel Suidani acknowledged the Ministry of Traditional Governance Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA) for its continuous effort on maintaining peace and unity in the country.

Speaking at the courtesy dinner hosted by the MTGPEA, Premier Suidani thanked and welcomed MTGPEA team, Hon Cecil Manekako representing Guadalcanal Provincial Government, Wanderer Bay Chiefs and Traditional Leaders and other parties and stakeholders for the reconciliation program to Malaita Province.

Guadalcanal Province Chief presented traditional shell money to Premier Daniel Suidani and GP MPA Hon Cecil witness the ceremony

He said this issue is a long outstanding issue and acknowledged the National Government through the MTGPEA to continue dialogue with both parties and prioritize the reconciliation program.

The Premier on behalf of the people of Malaita Province thanked the Chiefs, Traditional Leaders and people of Guadalcanal Province for generously coming forward for reconciliation and bring healing and closer to the long outstanding issue.

Premier said something that is precious is very fragile, friendship and love can be broken, peace, love and unity can be broken, but tonight we witness the power of unity and togetherness where Malaita and Guadalcanal have before.

I am really grateful to see the commitment that all parties engaged with, to make sure this issue finds a resting place in the hearts and minds of everyone. 

“Tonight I am very happy, as a Premier of Malaita Province I am proud to witness and be part of the reconciliation ceremony that will take place in West Kwaio on Wednesday” he said. 

He highlighted the reconciliation ceremony that will be taking place is a symbol and sign of unity and friendship that will never be broken.

Premier said what has happen is not our making and control we all are victims, however, your presences today shows commitment of togetherness 

He assured the delegation that Malaita Province and Guadalcanal Province will be friends forever for the betterment of our people and our nation Solomon Islands.

Delegation for the reconciliation program group photo with Malaita Province Premier

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary Technical Emily Kupenga on behalf of the MTGPEA, thanked Premier Suidani for continuous partnership in supporting the Ministry program in the province. 

She said the purpose of the coming is to implement the outstanding activities under the DCGA policy priority, also under the TRC recommendations to conduct reconciliation on any outstanding issue related to ethnic tension. 

Therefore, while this issue is a long outstanding issue, given the Government commitment to address this outstanding issue the team is here through the support of all stakeholders to implement this reconciliation.

She thanked all parties and stakeholders for providing a way forward to make this program possible and soon to witness the reconciliation ceremony. 

Also Guadalcanal Province MPA Hon Cecil Manekako acknowledged the Premier Suidani for hosting the team on Malaita, he added our coming shows Guadalcanal Province people commitment to resolve this issue.

At the occasion the Guadalcanal Provincial team presented a traditional shell money to the Premier of Malaita Province. 

The first phase of reconciliation will be done at West Kwaio region, Malaita Province on the 24th Wednesday 2022 and final phase will be done at Vasale Station, Guadalcanal Province on the 26th Friday 2022.


MTGPEA statement


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