Premier Suidani support Guadalcanal Province calls on land and TPA

Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani today issued a statement today in full support of the resolution by Guadalcanal Province and leadership made earlier this month at Tandai Ward.

Premier Suidani. Photo UNDP SI

Premier Suidani said: “Today I fully endorse and support the call by Guadalcanal leadership made at Maranatha Hall in early November and addressed to PM Sogavare. In this call, Guadalcanal leaders reject all the secret attempts by Sogavare’s DCGA government to deprive Guadalcanal people of their sacred land rights via these so-called land reform bills.”

“At its heart, the Tandai Resolution is crying out for the basic needs and rights of indigenous Solomon Islander landowners. This is the first duty of any government, but under DCGA and Sogavare instead we have seen years of decisions by Sogavare and his Cabinet all designed to undermine, destroy and thieve the rights of the people away.”

Premier Suidani said the Townsville Peace Agreement (TPA) was signed more than 20 years ago under Sogavare’s first Prime Ministership but none of the measures committed to, have been fulfilled.

“We all know that land rights is at the centre of the call of the people of Guadalcanal. Instead of complying with the TPA, DCGA has seen fit to attempt a land grab in secret. I endorse, support and back all the calls of the Guadalcanal leadership in the Tandai Resolution.”

“DCGA has been undermining MARA through bribery and continued attacks on the will of the people of Malaita. It is sad to see Sogavare and his Cabinet doing the same things against our brothers and sisters of Guadalcanal.”

Suidani emphasised that the TPA must be implemented, as it was the basis of Peace in 2000.

“I fully endorse and support the Tandai Resolutions and will stand by the Guadalcanal people’s call,” Suidani said in the statement.

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