Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

                                         Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Premier of Central Islands Province assures, his Government is on top of Education challenges currently affecting Central Islands province.

SIBC visited some communities around Gela last week listening to peoples’ stories on education issues facing them.

In Nagotano Bona Vesta area, the Primary school has only three teachers, in Leitongo the team learnt staff is considering closing down the school because they did not receive their salaries.

In Gumba Small Gela, they were told by a senior school teacher and the head girl, that Dota Community High school is only operating on parent’s contributions and the school Principal has been absent for almost three months.

Responding to these issues, Mr. Vasuni says it is a priority of his government to ensure education in the Central Islands is stable.

He says he has instructed his Deputy and Education Minister to look into these issues, particularly teachers posting and salaries.

“That he must sit down with the division staff to sort out the shortage of teachers in our number of schools and to find out why teachers are yet to receive their salaries. Because I also received verbal complaints from out good teacher in the province that there were some teachers who have been working since January up to now, it’s almost the end of the year and they still haven’t received their salaries.”

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