The Tulagi Harbour. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Tulagi Harbour. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Premier of Central Islands Province Selwyn Mapuli has called on ship owners across the country not to anchor any old vessels in the Tulagi harbour.

Premier Mapuli made the call following a number of sunken boats within the Tulagi harbour boundary.

He told SIBC News in an interview a cargo boat just sunk in the harbour.

He says with some catcher boats about to sink, this will have a negative impact on Tulagi’s marine environment.

“…including catcher boats already at the bottom of the habour and others which are about to sink, it will cause a lot of negative impacts to our marine environment here so that’s the great concern of my government and I would like ship owners to take heed of what I am saying here to ensure the vessels are safe before they can be brought back. If they know that the vessels are no longer operational then I would advise them to move them somewhere.”

The Premier adds his government will soon make arrangements to manage anchorage within the Tulagi harbour.

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