Printing process of ballot papers underway in Australia

Printing process of ballot papers underway in Australia

By Sharon Nanau

The process of printing ballot papers for the 17 April joint election is underway in Australia.

Speaking at a talk back show Chief Electoral Officer Jasper Anisi announced that the first batch of ballot papers are already in the printing process.

He explained that the reason to have the ballot papers printed overseas is because local printers do not have the capacity to print the required number and meet the deadline.

Once printed the ballot papers will be airlifted into the country ahead of the polling day.

In the 2019 national general elections three local printers were hired to print the ballot papers, we experienced printing of the ballot papers carried into election day, we still removed ballot papers from printing companies on election day.” 

The number of ballot papers have increased this year following the decision to hold the national, provincial and Honiara City Council elections on the same day.

Mr Anisi added the Australian printing company can meet the electoral office ballot printing timeline. 

The printing company in Australia takes around five days to print one million copies of ballot papers and this goes in line with the electoral office plan to avoid printing of ballot papers on polling day,” Mr Anisi said. 

The ballot papers are scheduled to arrive in the country in the first week of April. 


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