Inadequate development identified as a cause of cross-border registration

The Public Accounts Committee Chairman and Member of Parliament for East Honiara Douglas Ete

Lack of constituency development is being identified as a contributing factor to the current issue of cross-border registration.

Chair of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee and Member of Parliament for East Honiara, Douglas Ete reveals in Parliament yesterday morning.

Parliament briefly resumed yesterday and was further adjourned to October 31.

Contributing to the Motion of Adjournment, Mr Ete says people are moving to register in different constituencies due to lack of development from their

Member of Parliament.

He revealed, a total of twenty-six million dollars has not been used by MPs last year due to lack of fund retirements.

“That’s basically one of the reasons, there are many reasons but this is one of the reasons. You’ll notice that one or two Members of Parliament were featured in

the papers with people saying they are complaining about certain intending candidates doing such and such but twenty-six million dollars was not used by

Members of Parliament last year because of no retirement, I got this from the Ministry last Thursday and Friday so once the amount was not felt then people

must move.”

Mr Ete suggested that a new government must create a policy to distance the RCDF from Members of Parliament in the future.

“As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee this is the true figure so there must be policies surrounding RCDF in the new House so that we distance the RCDF

from Members of Parliament because the mounting complaints are only against Members of Parliament.

“They stayed in hotels, bars, on the street and we’ve been hearing these so I raise this matter that there needs to be a review on the RCDF matter that supposed

to be for the constituency.”

By: Rickson Bau

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