Busy traffic in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Busy traffic in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Minister for Infrastructure Development (MID) has said, the quality of maintenance on Honiara roads remain a major concern for development partners who fund the project and the road users.

Minister Seth Gukuna told parliament this week, the eight contractors engaged in the Honiara road maintenance are the only ones around.

He sites quality road maintenance as still lacking in the overall Honiara road improvement project.

“There must be some quality in the works that we have, particularly when we spend big money on them. But let me just say this quality is something that is ongoing, there is no end to quality so I guess as the responsible Minister of MID we take heart that, you know, it’s something that hopefully in the next few years we will acquire some level of quality that will be satisfactory to our road users and also that will give something for those who are interested in quality to be happy with, especially on our roads.”

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