Squadron's flagship Wu-Yi. Photo credit: www.taiwanembassy.org

Squadron’s flagship Wu-Yi. Photo credit: www.taiwanembassy.org

A three-vessel fleet from the Republic of China on Taiwan navy squadron will arrive in Honiara tomorrow morning.

The fleet will be in the country for three days.

The squadron’s flagship Wu-Yi will be open for the public to visit tomorrow from 10:30am for 3 hours and Tuesday from 10am till 3pm.

A statement from the ROC Embassy in Honiara says the visit is a gesture of goodwill and continued commitments from Taiwan.

It adds loads of furniture and footballs will be donated to the Government and Solomon Islands Football Federation.

Tattoo and martial art shows will be on display at Lawson Tama and the National Art Gallery square.

ROC says admissions to the public performances are free- and encourage the public to come out and witness the display by the modern ROC Navy.

Taiwan Ambassador, His Excellency Victor Te-sun Yu assures, the visit will not only bridge the cultural and geographical gaps and promote friendship, but it also strengthen the cordial alliance between Taiwan and Solomon Islands.

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