RAMSI documents handed over to Solomon Islands National Archives


RAMSI special coordinator Quinton Devlin with Acting Director of National Archives Margaret Inifiri.

Documents containing the 14 years of work done by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) have been handed over to the National Archives this morning.

In an official ceremony at the National Art Gallery following the RAMSI parade, the documents were handed over to provide information for academics, researchers, students and the public about the intervention, and Solomon Islands history.

Acting Director of National Archives Margaret Inifiri said she was very honoured to receive the documents on behalf of the Government and people of Solomon Islands.

“These documents were created and captured within the last 14 years that RAMSI was here.

“For that I want to thank the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands for handing over to us as a parting gift our history for the last 14 years.

“A big thank you very much to you. The RAMSI collection which comprises RAMSI publications and historical newspapers will be catalogued and accessible to all Solomon Islands through the National Archives.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Alex Cameron said the time spent in the Solomons and lessons learned were very important.

“So one of the things that we’ve tried to do throughout is to capture those lessons in our annual reports and capture those lessons in different ways and often we find that we’re going back and reflecting on the documents that were produced in the very early stages along with other people.


“Other people are asking us for reference information, we’re providing that and that’s the basis of research and the basis of other analysis about the way that other types of missions like RAMSI can be better produced in the future.”

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