The official RAMSI logo. Photo credit: RAMSI.

                                                         The official RAMSI logo. Photo credit: RAMSI.

The Participating Police Force (PPF) has a new Commander.

He is Commander John Tanti.

Mr. Tanti has been serving with the Australian Federal Police and previously with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat as an Advisor on Law Enforcement Security matters and having run other commands in aviation security tactical policing.

Speaking to local Journalist last Thursday, Commander Tanti said he is confident that the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force will ensure a safe and peaceful Solomon Islands.

“This is quite pleasing in that the nature of my deployment is such now that even amongst deploying officers there is an acknowledgement that the security situation on the ground is very well in hand with the RSIPF so much so that I have the confidence to bring my wife and my child here and have them educated here and I think that’s the good news story.”

Commander Tenti is on a one-month mission.

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