Renbel is ready to host the Solomon Games

A view overlooking the swimming facility and Lake Tengano in Ren-bel province.

The National Olympics Committee of Solomon Islands NOCSI has declared Ren-bel province is ready to host this year’s event.

NOCSI President Martina Rara made the announcement in a statement after the final assessment of sports venues and facilities as well as the supporting components of the Solomon Games that includes transportation, accommodation, catering, protocols, medical, media, security, ceremonies, entertainment and community participation.

Mr Rara , the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Karl Kupper, and the CEO of the Solomon Games LOC, Mr. Golden Kiloko, carried out the assessment on October 15th and 16th.

The trio in their official reports confirmed that sports venues and facilities in Renbel Province specifically in Rennell and the supporting components of the games are ready and that Renbel Province is ready to host this year’s Solomon Games.

Following that declaration, the assessment team’s official report along with the submission by the Renbel Solomon Games Task Force and Organizing Committee was then submitted to the national government cabinet for deliberation and funding.

The final huddle is the availability of funds from the national government to host the actual event and stage the games.

The Renbel Solomon Games Local Organizing Committee is calling on the national government to move quickly and release to the committees the final tranche of funds needed to run the games as time is catching up.

The dates set for the Solomon Games to be staged in Renbel Province this year is from November 26th to December 7th.



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