Mining on Rennell Island. Photo credit: SIBC.

Mining on Rennell Island. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands Indigenous People Human Rights Advocacy Association (SIIPHRAA) has strongly questioned the national government and Renbel province for failing to restrict Asia Pacific Investment Development (APID) from conducting mining activities on various lands and sites on West Rennell which are still awaiting court ruling.

SIIPHRAA General Secretary, Mr Buddy Wickhams Noamasahu made the statement.

Mr Noamasahu confirms these disputed sites.

“As I speak, reports reaching us said that they are mining the eastern side of Rennell on new sites like Hangaipua, Oilebalu. APID is responsible for the digging and that’s why we are questioning the governments what has happened.”

Mr Noamasahu says this is highly questionable as the new sites are still awaiting court rulings.

“What has happened? Is it a breach to what the Government told the landowners of West Rennell or is it something they knew but choose to remain silent about it. SIIPHRAA is concerned over what has happened for the following reasons, one; land cases are still pending in West Rennell. Land cases are still pending in the Council of Chiefs, Renbel Local Court, Solomon Islands Land Appeal Court and the High Court.”

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