ROC proud to support SI

ROC support to the rural West Guadalcanal

The Republic of China on Taiwan is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder next to the Solomon Islands Government to work towards improving the lives of Solomon Islanders.

Counsellor Oliver Weng, from the ROC Embassy in Honiara was speaking during the handover of the Hulavu Rural Water Supply project at Lambi, West Guadalcanal yesterday.

For Taiwan, the success of its rural projects is normally the effort of more than one person or organisation, he said.

He said, the Hulavu Water Project is the testimony of the cooperation by the National Government, Community leaders and their people, KAMASI Docus and the people of the Republic of China,Taiwan.

Mr. Weng adds, in the bigger picture, this week’s handover of Rural Development Funds and support for the national Census will not be their last.

Oliver Weng

Additionally, he said, the Taiwan Government has approved its new Scholarship for the National University. Discussions have started with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development on its details.

He said, Taiwan also commits to the Gwaunaru’u airport upgrade and GPPOL outgrowers scheme.

Mr. Weng also donated Two boxes of Solar lamps to villagers of Hulavu at the end of yesterday’s ceremony.

By Leni Dalavera

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