ROC flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The ROC flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Republic of China on Taiwan’s Honiara Embassy had sponsored a Taiwanese mobile medical team to visit as well as make donations to public and private organizations around the country.

The Embassy’s Francis Soong reports, the effort aims to provide general humanitarian support for disadvantaged people at Solomon Islands’ remote communities.

Mr. Soong says, the medical team consisted two doctors from Taiwan Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital- an eye specialist and an infection specialist.

The duo went to Visale to practice parasite mass drug administration.

The MDA project serves to raise the awareness of parasite infection prevention to teachers in Visale Community School of West Guadalcanal.

ROC (Taiwan) had also funded Visale Community School’s new bookshelves.

The Embassy also pledged TEFILA Marketing and Enterprise Development, a private organization set up for rural development in North Malaita, with funding.

The ROC (Taiwan) Ambassador Victor Te-sun Yu said, “Medical and public health is just one of the assistance provided by the ROC government to Solomon Islands.

His excellency Yu adds agriculture, tertiary education, renewable energy and solar light, vocational and a variety of professional training, and rural development are other projects funded by ROC.

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