ROC re-considers its support to Solomon Islands once switch allegiance

Existing Cooperation and Assistance from Taiwan will be reconsidered once Honiara revokes current Diplomatic Ties with Taipei says Taiwanese Ambassador-Designate to the Solomon Islands, Oliver Liao.

Ambassador Liao said Taiwanese Government will re-consider whether or not to continue its various project assistance once the Solomon Islands switch allegiance to China.

Mr. Liao clarified his Government’s stand on national project assistance such as the 2023 Pacific Games, among others.

Ambassador Liao says, Taiwan’s assistance and projects rendered to the Solomon Islands are bound by strong relationship and cooperation and their fate will be in question if the Solomon Islands switch allegiance to China.

“If u put yourself in our shoe, you’d know we are in a very difficult situation”.

But Ambassador Liao says the Taiwanese Government through its Embassy in Honiara continues to enjoy frequent and healthy communication and directions from the government though assessment conducted on the Solomon Islands- ROC Taiwan relationship.

He adds, his government is pleased to note the support shown by certain Members of Parliament and the public to remain ties with Taiwan.

The relationship between the Solomon Islands and Taiwan was established and strengthened for more than 36 years.


By Fredrick Kusu

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