RSIPF review Crime Prevention Strategy 2019-2022


The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) reviewed its Crime Prevention Strategy (CPS) 2019-2022 in a one day workshop conducted in Honiara on 27 September 2022.

During the official opening of the workshop, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Operation Ms Juanita Matanga said the CPS will end this year so it is important that they review the strategy.

Group photo during the review of crime prevention strategy

“It is good for us to come together and look at ways forward on how we could review the strategy. While we are here to review the CPS, it is good for us to reflect back as to why the CSP is very important in policing in our country.

“One of the key aspects of the CPS is to set up Crime Prevention Committees in different words in the country. This will help us to do our work in terms of policing.

“But then we have come to realise that we have some issues associated with the committees which we do not have money to assist by implementing crime prevention programs we have.“Then a review was conducted and focused mainly on the change management strategy of the RSIPF. This means we focus on the changing mind set of police officers. By changing the mindset of police officers and think it is essence   as to why it is important to understand the meaning of change of the mind set of police officers,” Ms Matanga said.

“Because if a police officer does not understand the concept of crime prevention, it is really hard for us to prevent crime. It is very important that every police officer must wear a hut for crime prevention,” she added.

She added through prevention, police will benefit and have support from the public when we do our work and we will not find money because we do not have enough funds for our programs. Crime prevention is the main pillar to run the affairs of a police force. 


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