SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

SIEC logo. Photo credit: SIEC.

Solomon Islands Electoral Commission Awareness team has successfully completed its voter awareness program in West Makira Constituency last week.

The awareness program attracts many eligible voters in the constituency as it covers more than 20 polling stations in the constituency.

Gina Maka of SIBC News reports.

“Election Awareness teams in West Makira Constituency have completed their awareness program last Thursday at 22 polling stations in the Constituency. All villages in the constituency have attended these awareness programs, in which people were asked about what leaders they would vote for and why they think they are voting for them in the upcoming election.”

Meanwhile, assistant returning officer of the constituency Mr Desmond Kala says the current awareness program in Central Makira Constituency expects to complete the program this week.

“I think only a final session of awareness remains for Central Makira and few of its surrounding communities. Once that is done then the awareness program will stop.”

Meanwhile, Women from North West Guadalcanal Constituency have been involved more in questioning intending candidates during their campaign sessions.

SIBC News stringer John Toki reports, questions asked by women were related to government funding and people representation in parliament.

Toki reports, women are been given time for questioning to almost every intending candidates for the North West Guadalcanal Constituency.

He adds a total of six candidates are now busy campaigning in the constituency.

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